Hop into K-Beauty Fairytale

Hop into
K-Beauty Fairy Tale

Besfren is a multi-divisional company founded in 2012 inspired by Korean fairy tale “Moon Rabbit.” The Moon – rises in the dark and shines over us – symbolizes hope and guidance, while rabbits playing with stone mortar and pestle represent pleasure of creation

  • Allene T
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Besfren Beauty! It recently opened next door to my favorite dessert place, BESFREN. Korean beauty products are all the rage right now, so their grand opening specials beckoned me in and I was amazed at the deals as well as the service. During grand opening, they had several buy one get one and buy one get two deals. I got 3 boxes of sheet masks (30 total masks) for $35 - a steal! I also bought several Llang items at BOGO. The service here was great. Being a noob at Korean products, the staff happily showed me around the store, answered all my questions, and recommended several products without pushing me to buy anything. I left the store with over $100 in products (saved a ton of money) and after a few days of using the products, I'm seeing a difference in my skin. They also have a free loyalty program/membership program here 2% in points valid for your next purchases. Upon my purchase, I was granted with a bunch of free samples, too. Samples = awesome. If you're looking for Korean skin, hair, and beauty products, this is your one stop shop. Forget The Face Shop and Tony Moly and all that. Definitely forget Sephora, which is starting to pull in more Korean brands. Will definitely be back! Totally obsessed. Allene T.
    Allene T.
  • Pam W
    I was searching for a beauty shop that carry different brands with reasonable prices and here comes besfren beauty! I had always prefer buying skincare in person rather than online but a lot of NYC beauty stores always overprice the products. This particular beauty shop has reasonable prices and also carry tons of different skincare brand that you would find only online which is a bonus. I came in for just a moisturizer but I came out with a bagful of items. I love how they have deals such as 1+1, 30%off, and $1 mask. The associates are extremely helpful especially when you're lost in what brand to get. If you want reasonable prices and Korean beauty I assure you this is the store to go! Hopefully this store will last and will continue to have reasonable prices on their products. I will definitely revisit to buy their mask products! Pam W
    Pam W
  • Angelina D.
    K-beauty heaven!!!!! I think I'm addicted. I love sheet masks and they have so many types to choose from here as well as other beauty products. I originally came for just sheet masks but I ended up buying a bunch of ish. The staff was super helpful, as I had a bunch of questions about the products I was unfamiliar with. A helpful tip for when you get home is to download the Google translate app for you can read the instructions on the products (written in Korean). Angelina D.
    Angelina D.
  • Suzanna H.
    First time coming here, and it was a great experience. The store has a mix of brands including missha, etude house, llang, skinfood, tonymoly, among others. They were very helpful with their recommendations but did not try to push you into buying things you didn't want, the girl that helped me was super sweet (wish I got her name to give her a compliment). There were some deals going on including buy1 and get1 free, and some 30 percent off on other products. Of course a great topping on the cake is that they gave free samples with the purchase. Suzanna H.
    Suzanna H.
  • Katie B.
    I love this place soooooo much!! The workers were a huge help, they really knew the products. The prices were great. Inside is just very clean and pleasing to be inside. This is basically a sephora for all things l-beauty. The cafe next door had some delicious cake and friendly service. I was doing really good at saving money while in New York until I got to this store. It's just one of those places where you walk in and immediately want to buy every single thing there. I really wish I had a store like this back home, in LA. Tip: If you have an obsession for k-beauty, try not to pass out from excitement. Katie B.